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The Dragon, The Cross and The Forbidden Fruit: Using WampServer (Windows7 / Apache / MySQL behind PHP) with Komodo IDE, XDebug and PEAR

First of all, this was written in reference to WampServer 2.0i and Komodo IDE, and the versions of Apache, PHP, MySQL and other components that come with those packages. Since these distributions change fairly rapidly, some or all of this may be invalid by the time you read through. However, the basic process of […]

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Silverlight 4 RC Dynamic Keyword Behavior Regressions

I have been looking around and can’t find any Release Notes or Known Issues for the SL4 RC release that came out at MIX10 a couple days ago, but our SL4 project was heavily using the dynamic keyword for Excel interop and upon testing out the new bits with it we noticed it didn’t work anymore. […]

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Use any characters you want in your URLs with ASP.NET 4 and IIS 7!

After spending entirely too much time researching this issue today here is how you can use any characters you want for URLs in ASP.NET 4 and IIS 7. A bit of background: I am writing a web application that has a custom HttpModule and HttpHandler that should handle all requests and not limit the syntax […]

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